Grigio Milano Sachet

An evocative fragrance inspired by the city of Milan which reveals its personality and beauty initially in a discreet and sophisticated way, to then create vibrant atmospheres and arouse unique emotions.

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The flowery and musky notes of Grigiomilano follow one another in perfect harmony, to give an enveloping and exclusive olfactory experience: the first to stimulate the senses are the flowery notes of geranium and the citrus notes of bergamot; followed by the spicy scents of saffron (an emblem of the Milanese culinary tradition) and the intense ones of violet, Damascus rose and jasmine; the end is warm and offers musky and amber aromas with a hint of patchouli that persists for a long time in the environment.


The Locherber scented sachet contains marine salt infused with essence.

The product is entirely made in Italy and it is made of linen. The button is made of real mother of pearl.

It can be placed inside the wardrobe or in the drawers to perfume clothes or in small spaces that you wish to diffuse with a pleasant scent.