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Habana Tobacco Candle
Habana Tobacco Candle
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Habana Tobacco Candle
Habana Tobacco Candle

Habana Tobacco Candle

The sweet note of honey combined with the spicy note of tobacco from the Caribbean island of Cuba

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This mysterious fragrance starts with sweet citrusy notes (honey and bergamot), evolving into spicy (tobacco) and floral (violet, geranium and clove leaves) sensations, ending with an amber and woody finish (amber, patchouli and cedar wood)


Inspired by ancient oriental lanterns, the Locherber candle diffuses the fragrance in the room creating a calming and welcoming atmosphere. 

The design of the skyline collection  is globally registered. 


Before lighting up the candle:

place the candle on a flat surface, away fromair currents and flammable materials;

light the candle carefully, preferably using a long candle lighter;

lightly cut the wick making sure it is at least 1cm high;

make sure the wicks are upright. To straighten them it is advisable to use a wick straightener;

check that the wax is free from residues.

When in use: 

Do not keep the candle lit for more than 2 hours

never leave unattended or move a candle while it is burning;

If you are using two candles at the same time, keep them at a minimum of 15cm apart.

After using the candle: 

before turning it off, check that the wax has melted evenly up to the edges of the vase;

extinguish the candle using the special snuffer, never with liquids or by blowing on the flames;

check that the wicks are not too close to the glass. If so, you need to bring them back upright with a wick straightener;

straighten and put the wicks in the initial position.