Venetiae Catalytic Kit

A fresh bouquet of marine notes inspired by the ravishing city of Venice.

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Fresh like a marine breeze, sensual like the oriental spices that the merchants of Venice brought to Europe: Venetiae recalls the charm of a city unique in its kind. A fragrance that opens with some iodine and citrus notes (bergamot and lemon), it then develops in floral aromas (lavender) and Mediterranean (myrtle and seaweeds) and closes with a finale of woody and musky notes

  • Place the catalytic lamp on a flat, stable surface away from sources of heat.
  • Remove the cap and fill the lamp to approximately 2/3 with the fragrance using the funnel.
  • Insert the catalytic burner with the cotton wick and leave it soak for around 20 minutes covering it with the burner cap.
  • Remove the cap, light up the burner and blow out the flame after 2 minutes.
  • You may now place the open can off the lamp. The products is turned on.