Out Of Mind Kit 500ml

Out of mind is more than just a fragrance, it is an invitation to follow your own breath and reach a new dimension through a sensory voyage, beyond any conception of space and time.

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This stimulating olfactory experience opens with a wave of Bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and water notes that prepare the mind to embrace an open perception of the world thanks to its soothing and aromatic vapors. These notes are followed by green notes from the leaves of carnation and jasmine flowers, which give the fragrance a natural scent that lead one to a journey of self-rediscovery, with absolute spontaneity


In the Kit you can find a hand painted glass bottle, a canaletto walnut wood lid, the sticks, a metal funnel and a 500ml refill.

  •  We advise to position the diffuser on a surface located at least 50cm above the ground.
  •     In tight spaces such as drawers, closets, or rooms smaller than 5m2, it is advised to either position scented sachets or utilize the sprays or trigger to scent the room.
  •     For rooms up to 10m2 it is advised to use a small diffuser of either 125ml or 250ml in size.
  •     From 11m2 to 30m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 500ml or two diffusers of 250ml in size.
  •     From 31m2 to 50m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 100ml or two 500ml diffusers in size.
  •     From 51m2 to 80m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 2.5 liter in size.
  •     Above 80 m2 it is advised to place a diffuser of 5 liters in size or more than one medium sized diffusers so that the area is scented to the desired intensity.