Kashan Oudh Refill
Kashan Oudh Refill
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Kashan Oudh Refill
Kashan Oudh Refill

Kashan Oudh Refill

A fragrance with a base of rose and oud, which captures and brings together the mystic essence of ancient rites and traditions of far away lands.

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The fragrance originates from the encounter of “Kashan”, the ancient Persian city of roses which celebrates its beauty each year, and “OUD”, the prestigious and aromatic essential oil characterized by sweet, spiced, wooden notes. Kashan Oud is aromatic and ambered, it opens with citrus and spiced noted of bergamot and elemi to evolve in a flowered explosion created by the violet leaves, and closing with final notes of sandalwood, patchouli, citron, oud and amber.


The duration of the fragrance depends on the surrounding environment in which it is placed, on its temperature, the direct sunlight and onthe air currents that may speed up the evaporation of the essence.

It is important to maintain the level of the essence in the diffuser to at least half of its capacity in order to avoid any interference of the oxygen on the fragrance and its duration.

Place the diffuser on a stable surface. After removing the lid it is reccomended to fill up the fragrance using a funnell. Once the fragrance is poured inside the bottle, it is important to clean the diffuser with a slightly damp cloth. Place back the lid and the product is ready to use. 

Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

  • We advise to position the diffuser on a surface located at least 50cm above the ground.
  • In tight spaces such as drawers, closets, or rooms smaller than 5m2, it is advised to either position scented sachets or utilize the sprays or trigger to scent the room.
  • For rooms up to 10m2 it is advised to use a small diffuser of either 125ml or 250ml in size.
    From 11m2 to 30m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 500ml or two diffusers of 250ml in size.
  • From 31m2 to 50m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 100ml or two 500ml diffusers in size.
  • From 51m2 to 80m2 it is advised to use a diffuser of 2.5 liter in size.
  • Above 80 m2 it is advised to place a diffuser of 5 liters in size or more than one medium sized diffusers so that the area is scented to the desired intensity.