Kyushu Rice Sculpted Stone Lid Diffuser Limited Edition

COD: Tappo_Sasso_Scultura_Kyushu_Rice

Fresh flowery, musky and vanilla fragrance with top notes of lavender and bergamot combined with cyclamen, jasmine and violet leaves to end with tree moss, cedarwood, amber and vanilla.
Limited production.
Hand painted glass vase.
Cap carved entirely by hand from a single piece of canaletto walnut wood.
Jacquard fabric label.
Apart from (optional) any LED base.



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Inspired by the island of Kyūshū, the southernmost of Japan and known not only for its volcanoes, white beaches and thermal springs, but also for the cultivation of rice, Kyushu Rice is an elegant and delicate fragrance that opens with notes fresh from lavender and bergamot, evolves into a floral and romantic bouquet of cyclamen, jasmine and violet leaves, ending in a sweet and enveloping finish with hints of tree moss, cedar wood, amber and vanilla.

The Sasso Scultura stopper is handcrafted from a single piece of Noce canaletto wood, working it manually with the resources that are naturally given to us, such as earth and wood; the beauty and the contradiction of craftsmanship is that it is not machine-made, but with a slow and prolonged processing, sometimes even complicated, that leads to unique caps, one different from the other, which represent pieces of Made in Italy design and further enhance the space that surrounds us.

Kyushu Rice is the perfect fragrance for the WEDDING & CEREMONIES collection: rice, symbol of abundance, fertility and auspiciousness, is in fact the inevitable protagonist of every wedding ceremony. An original and glamorous idea to “revisit” the classic favor making it an exclusive gift.

Kyushu Rice the Locherber® Milan fragrance inspired by Japan.