Klinto 1817 Kit 500 ml

COD: 8021685621733

Fruity and floral fragrance, this diffuser features top notes of cassis, grapes, currants and orange combined with truffles, raspberries, violets, honeysuckle, to finish with vanilla and Virginia cedar wood.
Limited production.
Hand painted glass vase.

Format 500 ml.
Cap worked entirely by hand according to ancient techniques.
Jacquard fabric label.



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Widespread above all in Veneto, the Clinto (or clintòn) wine drank a “Scuea” (bowl) and accompanied the frugal meal of those in the countryside, shared it with friends along with a good slice of salami or “sopressa” and a “ciopeta” (the typical loaf). He arrived in the old continent from America at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the phylloxera, a tiny insect pest of the vine, seriously endangered viticulture throughout Europe. It was thus decided to graft the European vine onto American vine root and hybrids, resistant to the attacks of this devastating parasite. The Clinto was born from the crossing of two varieties of wild American vine, characterized by a deep purple color, an intense fruity fragrance and an unmistakable strawberry flavor. An intriguing and little known wine, interesting to discover and, above all, difficult to find, from which we have drawn inspiration for the realization of this new, exciting and seductive fragrance.