Capri Azul Catalytic Kit

A tribute to the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, a place where sky and sea meet, in an uncontaminated nature surrounded by a deep blue sea.

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In its aromatic architecture the intense and embracing perfumes of the Mediterranean can be found: the fresh citrus notes of lemon, orange and tangerine are then followed by hints of floral Zagara (the orange flower) and spiced notes of cardamom and tea leaves. The final notes are sweet and sensual, with caramelized vanilla aromas and white musk.

  • Place the catalytic lamp on a flat, stable surface away from sources of heat.
  • Remove the cap and fill the lamp to approximately 2/3 with the fragrance using the funnel.
  • Insert the catalytic burner with the cotton wick and leave it soak for around 20 minutes covering it with the burner cap.
  • Remove the cap, light up the burner and blow out the flame after 2 minutes.
  • You may now place the open can off the lamp. The products is turned on.