Café Satin Catalytic Refill
Café Satin Catalytic Refill
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Café Satin Catalytic Refill
Café Satin Catalytic Refill

Café Satin Catalytic Refill

A fragrance inspired by the exquisite Gesha coffee, which blends the sweetness of vanilla and the femininity of rose and geranium with the bitter note of coffee.

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Café Satin

This fragrance is inspired by Gesha coffee, known to be one of the finest varieties of arabica in the world, both for its sweet aromatic profile and the meticulous hand-picking method used for its beans. Gesha coffee is characterized by a sweet taste and an enveloping aroma, rich in floral notes, hints of chocolate, honey, and even black tea.

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Heart Notes
Base notes

The catalytic refill is to be used only with the Locherber Milano catalytic lamp.  

  • Place the catalytic lamp on a flat, stable surface away from sources of heat.
  • Remove the cap and fill the lamp to approximately 2/3 with the fragrance using the funnel.
  • Insert the catalytic burner with the cotton wick and leave it soak for around 20 minutes covering it with the burner cap. 
  • Remove the cap, light up the burner and blow out the flame after 2 minutes. 
  • You may now place the open can off the lamp. The products is turned on.