Venetiae Catalytic Refill

COD: 8021685611254

Refill for Catalytic lamp in 500 ml format.
Fresh aquatic, flowery, oriental fragrance with top notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon combined with lavender, seaweed and myrtle to end with cedar wood and tree moss.
Product in recyclable Pet.



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The fragrance is inspired by Venice and its famous “Briccole”. The “Briccole” are oak (sometimes larch) wooden poles that delimit the navigable areas in the lagoon canals of Venice. About every twenty years the “Briccole” must be replaced because they are deteriorated by the saltiness and above all by the erosion of a marine mollusc (the Teredeo navalis) which feeds on wood. Locherber Milan after purchasing the “Briccole” used up by the City of Venice, which certifies their origin with a certificate of origin, recovers them transforming them into unique pieces thanks to the experience of their local craftsmen who use methods that are handed down from generation to generation .

The fragrance is as fresh as a sea breeze, as sensual as the oriental spices that the merchants of the Serenissima brought to Europe. Venetiae tells the magic of a city unique in the world and fascinating history. A fragrance that opens with iodine and citrus notes of bergamot and lemon, evolves into floral (lavender) and Mediterranean (myrtle and seaweed) aromas and closes in a woody and musky finish.