Tuscan Feeling Kit 250

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Aromatic, green, spicy, woody fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Seaweed and Montalcino Grapes combined with Wild Broom, Rosemary and Cypress to finish with Patchouly, Vetiver, Saffron, Pine Wood, Sandalwood.


Elegant Gift Kit consisting of:


-Hand painted glass vase in 250 ml format.
– Refill with Tuscan Feeling Fragrance.
– Locherber cap.
-Black Fiber Sticks.
-Scented bag with Sicilian salt, linen fabric and mother of pearl button.

– Hand-applied paper label with embossed elements that recall the origin of the fragrance.



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Tuscan Feeling is the new fragrance from the Skyline line by Locherber Milano. A collection dedicated to the Milan of skyscrapers and innovation.

The fragrance takes us to the heart of Tuscany. Slow walks along tree-lined paths at the first light of dawn, a soft ups and downs of hills, ancient villages and vineyards, silent and timeless places, the search for the pleasure of every gesture reaching its essence, to savor life as if it were wine.
As in a wild bike ride, aromatic scents bring to mind the fascinating Tuscan countryside.

Aromatic, green, spicy, woody fragrance that opens with notes of Bergamot, Seaweed and Montalcino grape and then evolves into shades of wild broom,
Rosemary and Cypress. The finish is intense and enveloping with hints of Patchouly, Vetiver, Saffron, Pine Wood and Sandalwood.

Essence at 20%.

Hand-applied paper label with embossed elements that recall the origin of the fragrance.

Made in Italy product. Registered design.

Olfactory Pyramid

Head Notes: Bergamot, Seaweed,
Uva di Montalcino.

Heart Notes:Wild Broom,Rosemary, Cypress

Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver
Saffron, Pine Wood,Sandal.



The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is found, its temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.

Follow our tips to have an optimal performance of your diffuser and to make the fragrance last longer.

Always keep the level in the diffuser for at least half of its content avoiding that the amount of oxygen in the bottle affects the evaporation rate too much.

Place the Diffuser on a stable surface; after removing the cap it is recommended to use a funnel to pour the fragrance; after pouring the fragrance it is recommended to clean the diffuser with a slightly damp cloth; replace the cap and the diffuser is immediately ready for use.

Keep the fragrance as far as possible from sources of heat and direct light sources.

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