Tangerine And Cinnamon Diffuser

COD: Tangerine_and_Cinnammon

Citrus, aldehyde and spicy scent, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange and lemon combined with carnation, thyme, cinnamon leaves to end with cedar wood and vanilla.
Sandblasted glass bottle.
White painted ash cap
Jacquard fabric label.



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The scented air of spices, sweetened with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, the freshly picked mandarins. Citrus, aldehyde and spicy aroma. Let yourself be carried away by Tangerine & Cinnamon, the Locherber Milan fragrance inspired by the atmosphere of Morocco.

The T1 cap has the shape of a diamond and is handcrafted from a single piece of white painted ash wood to represent a piece of Made in Italy design that further enhances the space that surrounds us.