Oudh Scented Sachet

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Woody, aromatic and amber fragrance with top notes of violet leaves combined with tree resins and incense, tobacco and coffee to end with sandalwood and oud, patchouli, agar wood and amber.
Filled with Sicilian sea salt and watered with essence. The bag is in linen fabric and mother-of-pearl button.
Ideal for storage in the cabinets or drawers of the house, but also in the car.
Packaging in an elegant case.
Product entirely Made in Italy.



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Known since the dawn of time in different cultures and religions, but also in ancient medicinal practices, Oud (Oudh in the Arab world) is a very precious essential oil that knows how to give a magical aura to the perfumes that contain it.
Locherber Milan has transferred its mystical charm into an eau de parfum with a seductive personality that recalls the fragrant oriental atmospheres.
The Oud is derived from the hydro-distillation of the Agarwood a dark and very aromatic resin that thickens in the trunks and roots of the trees of the species Aquilaria and Gyrinops (evergreens of south-east Asia) when they are attacked by molds, insects and parasites or mutilated due to natural phenomena such as wind, lightning and animal aggression; it is the tree itself that therefore “self-medicates” through this particular – and precious – resinous substance that impregnates and protects the wood, giving it strength.
However, not all Aquilaria trees produce Agarwood: its presence is increasingly rare and, above all, not visible outside the trunk, but only after cutting the tree itself.
If in the past the arboreal resources were used in a sustainable way by the local populations, today the commercial pressure has led to the impoverishment of the species, making the Agarwood one of the rarest, most precious and sought after botanical materials.
Even today, particularly in the Middle East, it is burned in the form of shavings in special censers to perfume the house and clothes.
Locherber Milan selects only the best essences in the countries of origin, to create natural and exclusive fragrances.
Aromatic and intoxicating, Oudh opens with a note of violet leaves, evolves into resinous and sweetly spicy hints of incense, coffee and tobacco and closes in a woody finish of sandalwood, patchouly, agar, oud and amber.