Mannequin Body Diffuser 1000 ml Limited Edition


Canaletto walnut bust with steel insert. Inside there is a 1000 ml Locherber Milano diffuser.
You personalize the product by choosing from our fragrances.
Presented in an elegant gift box and fragrance refill.
Made in Italy product.



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The renowned Italian genius, the ancient know-how, the charm of uniqueness: what distinguishes MANNEQUIN is its being the expression of that inexhaustible creative and visionary vein that characterizes Made in Italy.
It is the search for perfection that pushes every craftsman to overcome the difficulties and arrive, prototype after prototype, to a work of art.
It is the passion that inflames the ability to amaze and touch the vibrating strings of our emotions.
This is MANNEQUIN in a 1000 ml bust version.
The use of noble materials such as Canaletto walnut wood, steel and glass increases the exclusivity of this unique, irreverent, unconventional and therefore exciting object.
A special fragrance is suitable for such a fascinating object. In this version you will be the one to choose one of our fragrances.