Malabar Pepper Spray Diffuser

COD: 8021685621337

Oriental, spicy and woody aromatic fragrance with hints of ginger, orange, bergamot and cinnamon combined with myrtle, geranium, black pepper, elemi and nutmeg to finish with cypress, vetiver, patchouli and cedar wood.
Colored glass, with Jacquard fabric label.
Format 100 ml.
Essence at 20%.
Can be used to revive the fragrance of pebbles and scented bags to make your home unique. Hand-painted glass vase.



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A heart of black pepper with spicy and woody notes; inspired by the Malabar coast in India, where the most precious pepper in the world is grown that has pushed the great Portuguese explorers, including Vasco de Gama, to follow the Spice route between India and Europe. Let yourself be involved in the olfactory notes of Malabar Pepper.

The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant diffuser to be inserted in any environment.