Madeleine Rose Clay Lid Diffuser Limited Edition

COD: 8021685700988

Fruity, floral and musky fragrance with notes of cassis head, Sicilian lemon, strawberry and orange combined with almond, violet leaves, eucalyptus, Damascus rose to finish with vanilla, tree moss, pine and fig tree.
Cap Sasso Argilla worked entirely by hand according to ancient techniques.
Format of 250 ml.
Product presented with sticks and gift box.
Product entirely Made in Italy.



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Intense and sensual, Madeleine Rose owes its name to the Damascus rose (often associated in the painting of the fifteenth century to the figure of Mary Magdalene) whose scent is the heart of this delicate fragrance, but passionate at the same time that opens with fruity notes of cassis , lemon, strawberry and orange, evolves slightly balsamic hints of eucalyptus and flowering pink and violet leaves, a sweet finish to close in fig and vanilla and slightly woody tree moss and pine.

Its refined bouquet recalls the elegant atmospheres of the past in a tender embrace for the senses.

Madeleine Rose the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by the Middle East.

The Sasso cork in Argilla is handcrafted according to ancient techniques, working it manually with the resources that are given to us naturally, like the earth; the beautiful and the contradiction is that the craft is not machine-made, but with a processing, slow and prolonged, sometimes also complicated, which leads to unique caps, different from each other, which represent pieces of design Made in Italy and further enhance the space around us.