Madeleine Rose Candle

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Fruity, floral and musky fragrance with notes of cassis head, Sicilian lemon, strawberry and orange combined with almond, violet leaves, eucalyptus, Damascus rose to finish with vanilla, tree moss, pine and fig tree.

Hand-painted black vase and black walnut lid.
Product presented with an elegant gift box.
The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant candle in colored glass and cap in Canaletto walnut to be inserted in any environment.



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Intense and sensual, Madeleine Rose owes its name to the rose of Damascus (often associated with the painting of the Quattrocento to the figure of Mary Magdalene) whose perfume is the heart of this delicate fragrance, but at the same time passionate with fruity notes of cassis , lemon, strawberry and orange, evolves into slightly balsamic hints of eucalyptus and flowered rose and violet leaves, to close in a sweet finish of fig and vanilla and slightly woody of tree and pine wood.

Its refined bouquet recalls the elegant atmospheres of the past in a tender embrace for the senses.

Madeleine Rose the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by the Middle East.

Olfactory Pyramid

Olfactory Pyramid

Head Notes: Cassis, Sicilian Lemon,
Strawberry, Orange

Heart Notes:Almond, Violet leaves,
Eucalyptus, Damascus Rose

Base Notes: Tree moss, Vanilla, Pinewood, Fig


The scented candles give the rooms a pleasant and delicate scent, are very trendy interior décor elements and home accessories that give originality and elegance.
Follow our tips for optimal use.
1. Shutdown
It would be natural to blow on the candle to put it out. This action, however, has always been erroneously practiced first of all because, in general, the air feeds the fire while what extinguishes it is precisely the lack of the latter; also because blowing on the flame creates smoke which eliminates all the scent acquired in the room.
The right practice is to use a suitable tool, or alternatively a toothpick (preferably moistened) and carefully lower the wick until it goes out by briefly dipping it in the wax.
2. Fragrance
To keep the fragrance alive and intact every time it is lit, it is important to keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours each time. In this way the combustion process will be complete and homogeneous; 2 hours is also the ideal time to allow the candle to begin to release its scent and radiate it into the environment.
3. Form
It is not difficult for potted candles to create unevenness in the shape of the surface; the candle melts in depth but not in width and this implies a great waste of the product. To avoid this effect, it will be sufficient to make sure that every time the candle is lit, it burns at least to the point of melting and making the entire first layer of wax liquid. When it goes out and cools it will be perfectly level again.
4. Consumption
The consumption of the candle becomes very important when it comes to an end. Generally the candle container itself is a very important and pleasing to the eye element, so we advise you to reuse it for other purposes.
5. To always have ideal wicks we recommend using our Flame Cutter Scissor (sold separately) which allows you to cut wicks up to 3 mm to ensure a clean and uniform flame and maximum diffusion of the fragrance.