Linen Buds Clay Lid Diffuser Limited Edition

COD: 8021685621443

Fresh, flowery and musky bouquet, this diffuser features top notes of cassis, Sicilian lemon and bergamot, combined with geranium, rose, ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.
Limited production.
Hand painted glass vase.
Size 250 ml.
Cap worked entirely by hand according to ancient techniques.
Jacquard fabric label.



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Freshness, candor, purity; summer atmospheres to live in the open air. Let yourself be involved in the olfactory notes of Boccioli di Lino by Locherber Milano inspired by New Zealand.
The Sasso cork in Argilla is handcrafted according to ancient techniques, working it manually with the resources that are given to us naturally, like the earth; the beauty and the contradiction of craftsmanship is that it is not made by machine, but with a slow and prolonged process, sometimes even complicated, which leads to unique caps, one different from the other, that represent pieces of Made in Italy design and further enhance the space around us.