Hejaz Incense Kit 250 ml

COD: 8021685002136

Aromatic oriental note, spicy and woody, this diffuser has top notes of cedar, birch and bergamot, combined with gurjum, incense, cypress, nutmeg, carnation and white musks, sandalwood, guaico wood, patchouli and pine wood. Limited production.
The box includes:
-Hand-colored diffuser of 250 ml
– 250 ml refill
– Kit black fiber rods
-Perfume bag
-Elegant gift box
Product entirely Made in Italy



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It is only there in the desert where man is lost in the infinite majesty of silence that one can perceive the force of nature; the infinite change of the dunes sculpted by the wind, the incredible force of life that explodes creating oases capable of being born from wings and red-hot sands where nothing can be born except a miracle; it is there that our fragrance was born from the resin diffused in the Hejaz region, an enveloping aromatic fragrance inspired by the incense produced by these incredible resins with the bitter note of birch wood, sandalwood cedar, the ancient and enveloping scent of the spices of east, treasures of a millenary civilization that still lives on. A unique blend capable of inducing the body to meditation and the soul to relaxation; let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of the desert, by the harmony of Italian design and by a magical fragrance such as Hejaz Incense, the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by the Middle East.

The Sasso clay cap is handcrafted according to ancient techniques, working it manually with the resources that are naturally given to us, such as the earth; the beauty and the contradiction of the craftsmanship is that it is not made by machine, but with a slow and prolonged processing, sometimes even complicated, which leads to unique caps, one different from the other, which represent Made in Italy design pieces and further enhance the space around us.