Habana Tobacco Catalytic Lamp Kit

COD: 8021685625496

Extravagant aroma, this diffuser has top notes of bergamot and honey combined with coconut, tobacco, carnation, violet, geranium, vanilla, cedar wood, amber and patchouli.
The box includes:
-Hand-colored Locherber Milano catalytic lamp
– 500 ml refill
– Scented Sachet
-Elegant gift box.



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Breathe freedom, the air that smells of dreams; an unspoiled place, not just an island but the island for excellence. Wise hands, ancient traditions that give shape to the sun-scorched leaves of an island that lives, pulsates and breathes freedom. The sweet note of honey, the bitter and passionate scent of tobacco, which gives the final touch to a harmony of special nuances like this island lost in time. Habana Tobacco the fragrance of Locherber Milan created to recall the warm bitter notes of Havana and Cuba.

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