Dokki Cotton Spray Diffuser

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Delicate, flowery, powdery and musky perfume with hints of bergamot and ylang ylang combined with violets petals, jasmine iris, white rose, cotton flowers, to finish with white musks, vanilla and cedar wood
Essence at 20%.
Can be used to revive the fragrance of pebbles and scented bags to make your home unique.



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Elegant, delicate, pure, light, inebrientate, eternal; in the hot and dry Sahara desert the great and magical Nile creates a river oasis where the best cotton in the world is born. It is in the Dokki area of ​​Cairo that cotton becomes tradition, that this delicate white flower is transformed into a thousand-year-old treasure loved in all the cultures of the world. White and pure like clouds, cotton is like our fragrance: delicate, sensual, flowery, powdery, musky. Our dream, evoke all these experiences with a scent and put them in the most beautiful of the boxes we could design. Dokki Cotton the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by Egypt.