Black Ebony

COD: 8021685615060

Limited edition cap.
Created in rare black ebony wood.
Ideal for 2500 ml Locherber® Milan Diffuser.


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Ebony is a hard wood, compact with an elegant black color that is obtained from different species of trees from the Asian forests of India, Indonesia and East Africa.

Extremely valuable, resistant to bad weather and mold.

Being one of the most precious, rare and expensive woods in the world, it is often sold per gram instead of a kilogram.

The Ebano is one of the main essences for the construction of wind instruments of the wood group (oboes, flutes, especially those dating back to the Baroque period, clarinets) keys for piano, keyboards of chordophonic instruments like guitar and violin.

Precious materials of the highest quality combined with the elegance and craftsmanship of expert hands. Authentic masterpieces finished by hand in a limited and numbered edition, in a “jewel” box.