Banksia Totem

COD: Banksia_totem

A true design masterpiece that furnishes and perfumes: 1100mm high totem with 5000ml jar illuminated with white Led and black fiber sticks with the Banksia fragrance.
A gift that will never make you forget.
Glass jar, hand-carved fine wood stopper. Always different, they are the result of patient and competent work.
Nothing is left to chance: the glass of the hand-colored bottles and the labels made of jacquard fabric make the bottles unique and precious. The piece of furniture is made up of a block structure in anthracite-stained solid ash.
Aromatic, woody, spicy fragrance with top notes of Australian Eucalyptus and grapefruit combined with monoi, frangipani, boronia and leafleaf to end with Australian sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver and banksia nectar.
All made in Italy by our local artisans.



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Locherber Milano’s emotional journey continues among the perfumes and fragrances of the world and arrives in Australia. Banksia is a new fragrance inspired by the Australian wild flower of the same name.

The aromatic, woody and spicy fragrance opens with balsamic notes of Australian eucalyptus and grapefruit citrus, then evolving into more flowery shades of Monoi, Frangipane and Boronia. The finish is intense and enveloping with woody hints of Australian sandalwood and cedar wood and spiced vetiver and Banksia nectar.

Also from the chromatic point of view, Banksia recalls the fascinating Australian lands: the hand-painted opaque glass bottle is a deep dark brown that with the light turns towards purple reflections, to recall the Banksia flower. The cap has a refined detail: the brushed copper ring that protects the wood from any residual perfume; the jacquard fabric label recalls the texture of the pine cone.

The precious materials used and the single craftsmanship make the caps of these speakers, each different from the other, a unique piece of design.