Baltic Amber Diffusore Sculpted Stone Lid Limited Edition

COD: Baltic_Amber_Tappo _Sasso_Scultura

Flowery, woody and spicy fragrance with top notes of white flowers and orange peel combined with violet, jasmine, white rose and sandalwood, patchouly and tree moss
Sandblasted glass bottle.
Limited Edition Stone Sculpture Stopper
Jacquard fabric label.



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Aromatic, very pleasant, with particular floral and woody and spicy notes. Use this Locherber diffuser refill, a fragrance inspired by the Baltic Sea.

The Sasso Scultura stopper is handcrafted from a single piece of Noce canaletto wood, working it manually with the resources that are naturally given to us, such as earth and wood; the beauty and the contradiction of craftsmanship is that it is not machine-made, but with a slow and prolonged processing, sometimes even complicated, that leads to unique caps, one different from the other, which represent pieces of Made in Italy design and further enhance the space that surrounds us.